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It dawned on me that I'm in the perfect position to do some objective pellet testing using a much larger range of guns and barrels than anyone else.

I'll just explain that

As most people on here know, I run the Doncaster Airgun Range (well Leanne does really, but I'm there quite a bit).

Anyhoo... I don't like to sell people random tins of pellets in case they don't work well in their gun, so we offer a sample pack of each of our batches - 100 pellets for 2 ( yeah, I know we make a little bit of extra profit on those, but if you saw our overheads you'd understand why )

When I sell those sample packs, I make a point of going over and asking how they performed and if I can sneak a peek at their group sizes at 45 yards.

What I'm seeing is something that challenges what I previously believed, and that is - that one batch of pellet might be awesome in one barrel but crap in another.

The trend I'm seeing is that a batch that is just ok, will be just ok in everything - we're talking a sample size of maybe 30 different guns, so not hugely conclusive, but probably more conclusive than most other testing.

A batch that is awesome, will vary a little from awesome to totally mega in pretty much every gun.
Some batches will group extremely well but will drop more than other batches - and that tends for be true again for pretty much every gun. The boxed JSB Premiums tend to group very well in everything, but drop lower than normal too - they would be my choice for BR for pretty much any gun.

I've only conducted these tests on 2016 batches of JSB Exacts and also on random AA batches and Daystate batches that people bring into the range - so I don't know how true it is of other years, I suspect it might be equally true though.

Batches I've found to be good :

If you have a PCP (especially an AA or Daystate) these batches will be good or mega in your gun :
Die 34, Die 9, Die 10, Die 47 seemed excellent too but I only had 5 tins to test.

If you have a springer (TX, LGU, 77/97) these will be good :
Die 19, Die 4, Die 10, Die 31
  • Die 4 (4.51) are available as JSB's (well they would be if I hadn't bought all of them )
  • Die 9 (4.52) is available as AA & JSB
  • Die 10 (4.52 and 4.51) is available as AA, Daystate, JSB,
  • Die 19 (4.51) are available as JSB's
  • Die 31 (4.51) is available from AA
  • Die 34 (4.51) is available as AA or JSB

It's hard to find something that works consistently well in Steyr's with a standard barrel. I'm not saying I haven't seen good groups from them, but the results are variable and I suspect it has more to do with the barrel cleaning regime of the owner than the pellets they're using.

So I should also qualify my statement about 'Most guns'. I'm finding that AA's and Daystates are pretty consistent - if a pellet works well in one EV2 it will probably work well in other EV2's, FTP's, MPR's, S4xx etc..

The outliers tend to be from HW100's and Steyrs. We don't get enough TM1000's, FWB's and Anschutz in the range for me to form any sort of conclusion yet. Most HW100's are pretty good with everything, some of them can be fussy though, and Steyr's well.. it depends I suspect on how often the owner cleans the barrel because I'm seeing variable results from the one's that I've looked at group sizes for.
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