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Yours are die 1 not die 15.

Your number: 1565415 2 4.53

- 1 die number
- 56 personal number of the employee in quality control department
- 54 personal number of the employee in production who made the pellets
- 15 year of production
- 2 manufacturing batch on the particular die
- 4,53 head diameter

I find it best to always start from the right side (year) and work back to the left in 'sets of two digits' at a time and what's left at the front is the die number, so for a die 15 it would look like 15565415 2 4.53 ....

You will not get the same performance from purchasing more tins UNLESS the WHOLE number is identical, so once you find a tin that suits your barrel, always buy as many as you can afford ....
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