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Originally Posted by evohuntsman View Post
I use the mk3 nikko and it has been superb, so much so I,ve just bought another one for my FTP,

one thing I was advised to do was DONT buy a second hand scope,, best bit of advice I was given,

just bought a new one with two sunshades for 700 so it was well worth the extra 100=150 to buy new over secondhand
I have five Mk 3s,all bought second hand from people who thought that the scope would make them top shots.

Some of them had been re-parallaxed to around 8 yards which ruined the range finding, set to just over ten yards they range find well.

Each one cost me 450, total bargains.

I also own a Sightron, it's a better scope but it cost me twice as much, it's not twice as good.
Less is more.

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