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if it is shooting accurately then the best advice is " don't try to fix something that aint broke "

the ftp900 in standard form is an excellent piece of kit unlike what " some " people might have you believe,

as stated above , spend 6-12 months getting to know the rifle and whilst doing so save your money because it does start to get expensive,

take my EV2 mk 4 for instance, it cost me less than a 1000 yet now its finished and exactly how I want it I have spent a total of 2600, I only had six days after being done to get accustomed to it for the comps, my god this bloody FT really can be expensive and also very addictive BUT its the most enjoyable and satisfying sport I have ever done, was it money well spent ? well all I can say is YES it keeps me happy and every time I take the gun out to a comp it makes me proud,

keep it standard and get to know the rifle inside out, then if you want to modify it to suit yourself as I did then spend spend spend lol

the most important thing is ENJOY IT because it is an exceptional rifle that's for sure
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