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Originally Posted by Dickster View Post
Hi all I am struggling to get a good clear picture whe I am on my cushion , is it best to move the scope or cheek piece ?
Is there a set way of achieving this ?

Thanks in advance

Depends how big the adjustment is.

When setting up a rifle, the cheekpiece should be removed, and the scope placed where the head wants to sit. Then the cheekpiece placed back so that locating it on the cheekpiece eyes closed puts it behind the scope when the eye is opened.

So the only thing left then is the backwards and forwards adjustment of the scope to remove the blurred edge of the sight picture when the distance from eye to scope isn't correct.

The sight picture of scope, the exit pupil, is tiny. On full mag it can be a mm... so slight misalignment to it can only require small adjustments of the cheekpiece... so it's important to have a cheekpiece that moves side to side as well as up and down. It's also important it's kept straight, so the eye sits inline, back or forth, because as your distance to the scope may vary in different positions, you don't want it moving side to side as well and losing the exit pupil.
And it's also important to have a cheekpiece that has a definite edge to help you find it consistently, which is why the scalloped ones aren't the best ( and why you don't see them in other target disciplines, despite how pretty they look )... they tend to offer flexibility, jack of all, but can be hard to locate consistently against the cheek (or ear or eye or neck, or where ever they randomly have been fitted).
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