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Originally Posted by KeithW View Post
It was a really challenging course, so well done to Ian and the team for that. And well done also for taking the opportunity of the Northern Shooting Show to really push HFT forward and promote it to a wider audience. I understand that the Saturday "come and try" day was packed out - superb!!

We ran a " Come and try it for free " on the range and to be honest it was a massive success . Loads and loads of people came along and tried HFT and Airgunning and to be honest I don't think a single person did not enjoy it . So much so that a few of them bought guns that day and shot the next in the comp ? It kind of worked as far as I see. We at HFT Masters want to put back into a sport that we truly believe in and this seems to be the best way forward . Lots of happy face's and good sales for the Air gun industry , its a win win

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