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Default Thanks to all

The owner of the Northern Shppting Show has asked for comments to make the show even betterfor the future so I will forward the comments about the car parking which will be much better if we can get parked outside the main entrance at the bottem of the hill ,thanks and i;ll see to that.
WELL and WOW what a venue for shooting HFT and for those that missed this year please put in your diaries the 6th and 7 th of May 2017,I;m sure you wont be disappointed it ir just a great venue,I was first introduced to this venue about a year ago but you never know how it will shoot but its great when it all comes together and I dont think anyone was disappointed with the setting .We are at the Northern Shooting Show for 3 years minimum and we at HFT Masters will try to make it bigger and better for you the shooters to enjoy.
We at HFT Masters thank you all for coming hope you had a great days enjoyment and our next shoot is in SCOTLAND on the 19th June at Cloybank which will be a completely new course for all cant wait to get up there and be involved in setting the HFT Masters first visit to Scotland.
cheers to you all from the

HFT Masters crew
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