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Originally Posted by SDplinker View Post

Would love a Tx200 custom stock - have the money, ready to pay but can't pin down a way to ship to the USA. A dealer in the Netherlands has offered to forward anything I need on to me in the USA (I purchased several rifles from them and they show up in CA in 3 business days).... the issue is from the UK outbound.

I know I can order a factory TX stock from Airarmsspares or other sources without issue - so I'm looking for similar method from a private seller or an RFD or fellow shooter who could help out. I'm fine with it going to NL first if that's an easier route.

Just looking for advice and assist. Thanks!

I sent 2.5kg of guitar parts to Seattle recently using Parcel2Go, I chose UPS and tracked it all the way, it cost about £60 including £500 insurance. UPS came and picked it up. I had fill out some Customs forms and pack it well, it was pretty easy
It arrived in 2 business days! Surely the seller could ship it to you the same way, it's a lump of carved wood, shouldn't be a problem I would think.
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