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Talking Cambridge HFT 08/05/16 UKAHFT Scores

Thanks to all who came to Cambs on Sunday, we had a absolute Scorcher of a shoot, with temps hitting 27c, we had a fair few new faces, which is always good, and a great turnout considering all the big boy events.

it was level pegging with the final shoot-off between Mr Honeywell and Mr Waklin, with Neil just edging ahead in the final shot of the day.

i would apologise for the spellings of the names, but feel free to blame Justina Rhodes.. as i think he was a doctor in a previous life.. not that i think anyone would risk letting him loose with anything other than paracetamol.. but some unsuspecting fool gave him a pen.. let me know the corrections and ill add them in :P

but the scores are as follows..

alex honeywell 58
neil waklin 58
paul whiten 56
ian clarke 55
roger bentley 55
finn cockran 54
john hougton 54
ron whitely 54
dan measures 54
steve martin 52
mark mcarthy 52
clive presland 52
ralph presland 52
jill cockran 51
dave saintly 51
glen pickard 51
chris bolton 49
andy ireland 48
lee harkness 48
graham mason 47
gordon smith 46
scott atkinson 45
jason young 45
nigel fleet 45
don harkness 45
ken philips 44
richard lander 44
martin slade 43
perce honeywell 42
john simpson 39
Ian griffiths 39
john osmand 38
simon eley 36
ricky kenley 35

joanne cogger 49
mel waklin 48

andy yates 48
steve hermitage 47
simon jones 40
justina rhone 35

James Free 49
jeff westley 48
chris wells 47
matt mosley 47
kevin turner 43
dean auger 42

ollie fleet 48
joe sharlin 28

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