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Arrive early, have a plink, get settled.

If something seems strange with your kit, ask around to see if anyone else is going high, low, left, right, be very careful making adjustments, and make a note in case you need to adjust it back.

Ask your partner to give you certain timings (Last minute, 10s countdown etc).

Take a drink round with you, top up at water station.

Pay attention when your partner is shooting, it can help you spot things, and it's just polite.

If you've lost a target, grab the string, it will lead you to the target.

Don't get down if you have a bad run, every target is worth the same points.

Try and learn / be constructive about your misses.

If you see where you've missed, mark this on the zero on your card, it can help you spot a pattern.

If in doubt, ask.

Enjoy it
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