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Default either or.....!

I had the Patrol 3-9x40 and now have the Mk4 2.5-8x36. Glass is equally amazing on both scopes, great in any light conditions. Fire dot was really good on the patrol, I've not used the IR on the mk4 yet to be honest. I only swapped because I prefer a thinner reticle, for no other reason. Don't let me sway you down the more expensive route, the patrols reticle is just as useable at all the ranges in HFT.

This one has been parralaxed, as the above comment suggests, at 23y giving me equal blur at 10/45 yards roughly. My patrol was parralaxed at 27y by its previous owner and I shot well with it but that's all personal preference. Both scopes got the same compliments from anyone looking through them

Sunshades for the patrol are readily available in 2" and 4" lengths but for the 36mm mk4 to be honest I'm having difficulty locating one

Mk4 is heavier than the surprisingly light patrol

Hope that micro review helps

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