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Originally Posted by Brazos View Post
Is the only difference between the MK I and the MKIII the piston & spring? If so why can't AA (or somebody) make a conversion kit for the MKIII? With so much interest it seems like they would sell them. This is essentially something they have already made so the development time should be short. Just program the CNC machines and crank out a few thousand units and see if they sell. If not put them in rifles and sell special "short stroke" TX200 MKIII and add $200 to the price.
the guides are also different due to the wire guage of the spring. as for AA making different kits, it is about cost to them as a business. most companies want to standardise parts, less inventory to keep, buy in fit etc. on my car the switch gear is the same as other models that the manufacturer produces, this is for the same reason. AA wont do it. why keep two differnt types of spring, spring guides, top hats pistons. it takes more space, extra cost to them.
i'm not perfect, but I shoot FT, reality is this is pretty much the same thing!
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