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Originally Posted by zippo1973 View Post

Ian Bainbridge
Roger Lait
Ray Hampton
Kyle Hampton
Roger Bentley*
Ash Bailey - Morning please!
Wayne Marriott
Paul Kelly - Morning session
Helen Kelly - Morning session
Paul Brittain - Morning Session
Dominic Taylor - Morning Session
Paul Taylor - Morning Session
Roger Arnold - Morning Session Pls, Furness Marksmen
Tom Russel - Morning Session Pls, Furness Marksmen
John Sawrey - Morning Session Pls, Furness Marksmen
Shaun Rayner - Morning Session Pls, Furness Marksmen
Dean Corfield - Morning session if poss please
Jamie Corfield - Morning session if poss please*
Greg Mann - Morning session if poss please*
Martin Armstong - Morning
Dave Ramshead - Morning session please
Dave Benyon Morning session please.
Richard Woods
Jennie Stone
Bill Jones - morning please
Micky Fern* -either session (already paid)
Andrew Burgess*
Tony Male - a.m
Mike Isaac- am
Nigel Oram. Morning please
Nigel Howard. Morning if possible please
Simon Vant
Brigitte Vant
Phil Breach - Morning Session Please
Grant Thomson AM
Bob Somers AM
Rob Cochrane AM
John Cooper AM
Lewis Cooper AM
Rhian Jones AM
Nige Jones AM
Dave Taylor AM
Derek Taylor AM
James McLachlan AM
Peter Muir AM
Jack Muir AM
Jon Oakley AM
Liam Oakley AM (Junior)
Philip King AM
Josh Gregory-Salter AM
Andi Gregory AM (Junior)
Jean Greatrex
David stephenson - Morning Session Pls, Furness Marksmen


Bill Birch pm
Mitch Birch pm
Kev Brooks pm
Tammy Brooks pm
Geoff Ryder
Mick Dakin
Chris hall pm
rob Bates pm
Gary King pm
andy hope pm
David Wishart PM
Giles Tibbitts
Graham Cole pm
Karl Guest pm
Brian Connelly PM
Bevin Quinn PM
Sam Meneely PM
Justin Grice
Darren Holmes
David Carter pm
Peter Lowe
Bryan Kerr
Billy Hutton
James Graham
Colin Cameron pm
Steve Edmondson
David Scott pm please
Tony Dobbie PM
Philip Godwin pm plz
John Fleming PM
Kenny Bird pm please
Alex Bird pm please
Dave Welham
Peter Knight
Mark Camoccio
Ali James
Liam Todd
Bernard Todd
Tom Morgans
Chris Guy p.m
Mark Crossland p.m
Chick McGowan any session
Darren Percival
Graham Webster -pm
Jim Nelson - pm
Davie Tollan - pm
Jim Cavanagh - pm
Gary Kerr - pm
Ian Munro - pm
David Burns - pm
Martin Morrison - pm
Mike Turner*
Brian Lewis*
Simon Battye*
Chris Cundey p.m
Mark Letts
Mark Marsden
Oli Marsden
Simon Hilton
Jamie Jackson
Julie Stonehouse
Tom O'Brien
Richard Hood
Keith Warburton
Steve MacFarlane
Karyn MacFarlane
Stephen Pearson
Brian Shepherd
Dave George
Wayne Pearce pm
Matt Rawlings pm
Yvonne Dobbie pm
Keiron Drummond
Nick Drummond
Barry Smith
Chris Hepworth
Graham Livingston pm
Nick Parker PM
Colin Wilson
Rex Bennett
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