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Originally Posted by brianf51 View Post
Pete, Nigel's application was part of a joint application with Rhian. She has been included and Nigel has not - I would call that a clerical error. And I'm not asking for any rule bending or breaking. Having a duplicate name on the list and one omission sort of screams to me that this is a simple mistake. Is UKAHFT so rigid that this could not be coped with. Sort of thing you lose shooters over.
Of course you are asking for a rule bending/breaking, the Team rules clearly state no additions or substitutions after April are asking for an addition.......added to the fact that it was myself who informed Fort you had one name down twice & you did nothing about it before April 1st or even before you used Nigel Jones's score for Rd1 at Quarry when he wasn't in the team
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