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Originally Posted by brianf51 View Post
FORT made a mistake when submitting their team list for this years Nationals in that one name was omitted and another was typed in the list twice. Clearly a clerical error. However it seems that this mistake is not rectifiable restrospectively.

Personally I'm appalled at the response from UKAHFT, refusing to change what is obviously a clerical error. I notice that UKAHFT have themselves made a clerical error in omitting Nigel from the Furnace Mill list after taking his money. It will be interesting to see if that error is correctable while ours is not. Also begs the question of just seriously this seems to be taken in some quarters. It's a hobby for Gods sake!!!!! We are not professionals so let's treat the SPORT accordingly. Poor show UKAHFT!

Mark Smith pointed out at the worlds that I'd not updated Forts team list after he sent an altered version to Pete Sparkes, I said I'd sort it out & told him that you had one shooter down twice, this was before the closing date for entries & changes. Maybe if this error had been checked you would have realised that Nigel hadn't been included in your list before the closing date, if you look at the rules it clearly states that additions or substitutions cannot be made after 1st April.

Unfortunately I won't make an exception to the rules for you, the same as we wouldn't allow your request for Fort shooters to qualify for the National Team event when shooting at other North West clubs while other Teams shooters had to attend their own club to qualify.

The rules are there to be adhered to & when we start picking & choosing which rules we should ignore & for whom they should be ignored then the whole system becomes unfair.
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