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Default I`m sure they put them racks to far away

The Nefta Classic, so Bad I will have to go back!

So the inaugural (for me) Nefta classic got under way with a Friday stop at the Greyhound gun club in Coventry. I have only shot the ground once so it was a fairly Virgin ground for both myself and mother in law, Gadget. We booked in, dropping off some bfta cards and then checked the guns on the bench rest range. All well but only 5 shots as can't shoot off a bench. Then we walked past the open zero range!
My start was somewhat pants including been blown 30mm across a 22 ish meter reducer "gimmie" and missing the plate on a 47m target! Gadget had a flukier start and after about 12 targets I had missed 6 and he just 2. I removed my fleece from under my gimp coat and felt much better "fit" wise at the hook end! I think gadget thought he was going to keep me on his list!
However once I had settled, having not spent enough time on the zero I soon reeled him in lol. Even funnier though was the fact gadget and I had no idea where the course went so we just shot everything that looked like a ft target. That meant we shot by the end of the course 79 targets and I had to use some practice pellets having run out with about 6 targets to go !! I Gave gadget a go on the cheating roll and indeed his initial reaction was it was cheating and now did not seem like a discipline! I Knocked over a 35 yards inch kneeler for fun and a bit of practice!
The scores, well there was a lot of reeling in lol despite a poor start I finished by missing 16 = 63 ex 79! Gadget missed 30 lol so 49 ex 79.
Bit of traffic on the run up to Travelodge but plenty of time to talk about a very enjoyable afternoons shooting. Just hope I enjoy the nefta as much. Once settled Woody took us shopping and we called to the red kite where the Germans and the Welsh were encamped having a small chill out session. Highlight of which for me was listening to Chubby telling the Germans how to shoot the sillys while shaking and the Germans returning the compliment by trying to teach Chubby English !!

And so it's 6am and day 1....
And then the wheels fell off! Arrived about 7.30 am, just as the days bustle was starting. I checked with Trev Ryan and set off to find a place for Saturdays speed camera, nice kneeling lane looked good light wise.
Having cleaned the barrel about 15 to 20 shots confirmed everything was spot on across the well-stocked Zero range. I decided there was little point in using the Spare Racks at this point and departed to take photos, book in partake in a cup of tea and generally waffle about.
Wagger has obviously upset someone in nefta as he was my partner for the weekend and a jolly time we had, least till I gave up Sunday!
There seemed hardly any wind on our start lane, targets 25 and 26. Wagger knocked them both over having elected to go 1st. T25 was a shortish "gimmie," least as far as Nefta gimmies go. Inside edge saw the pellet strike just inside 3, which took me by surprise as there seemed no wind to mention. Focused up and clicks set for the longer 50y ish T26, my windicator went in the opposite direction! Head said no it’s still got to be R - L but eyes were convinced the indicator knew best, so inside 3 edge saw the pellet move 10mm right and the first of too many dinks arrived. Quite annoying as I could have pumped it down middle!
Beautiful as it was with the Blue bells, that section of the woods just made no sense “wind wise” and I was 5 ex 10 within the first hour of the comp and realistically, having not made a bad shoot knew the weekend was over as regards to any glory! I did manage to hit both standers in the Bluebell section and then Wagger became the first person of the session to hit T40, a 45y target up the steepish bank. As he made it look so easy, I did the same thing which was perhaps the highlight of the weekend shot wise, great target.
The slightly long Kneeler took my next miss, I was concentrating on the facts rather than the shot and although rock steady on my cheating roll, I forgot to consider the wind. Bad shot really.
Another Bad shot on a relatively simple 34y ish stander as I ran out of puff and refused to start again forcing the shot.
Only the full range target swaying on its enormous tree really caught me for wind, going straight as I let the shot go just as a lull in the by now nice and gusty wind appeared! Last miss was another Bad shot where I did not really take into account the wind on a 45y as the rain came briefly down
Given the poor start and some bad luck I was still in a good enough mood with a 31 and despite letting a good start Go, so was Wagger on 28. So good in fact he treated me to a delicious Bacon - egg Burger. Top Ft Am session was Betty on a 3, so I knew I “Should” be able to make up some targets Sunday!
The midsession break gave great opportunity to catch up with friends from foreign shores while taking some mobile photos. It really was a pleasure to see the Spanish, Germans and Greg from USA make the trip. Yoeri don’t count anymore as he a Bfta Card holder in wafta so that makes him Welsh!
To the silly shed. Now my expectations were not high, 20 was the target. Too high it turned out! The so called pressure of the shed had no effect, I was just rubbish. I will however say part of the reason for a dismal 17 ex 40 on the sillys was the Butt Hook. Nothing wrong with it, just it turns out (discovered Tuesday in practice) in the wrong place!
My “Pairs” Partner for the event, Justin Woods had had a better day but still below par for him with 34 on Ft and I think 33 on sillys. While he was disappointed in his scores, I was embarrassed to be letting such a good friend down. He of course told me not to be so daft, but then he is a great bloke and he always was going to say that. Thing is, it had far more effect on me than anything else over the weekend.

Sunday 7am.
First onto the Silly practise racks with Woody and I forgot to lower the butt hook while we practised Said racks. The gun suddenly felt much better and hitting all sorts was much easier and so I was filled with optimism for our early session Rack bash. I started well enough, for me. I think I missed 4 chicks and just 2 pigs. So 14 Ex 20 and I had Saturdays score in sight with half the racks to go.
At that point I should have realised the wheel I had just seen set off down the silly range was indeed mine! Turkey no 4 had not been hit before I pushed him over, both times. Problem was I did not push over any of his mates. I was instantly back to letting friends down mode again and only managed 5 rams to finish on 21. Better than Saturday but could or should have been much better. It was much colder Sunday and I left my fleece on under my Gimp coat for our mid-day Ft session, least for two lanes! Downhill sitters were dispatched then a steep downhill stander unbalanced me, In fact this was the only fault I can find with either Ft course, sloping ground on a discipline lane just puts too much weight on one leg. I missed the 15y Stander by 20mm below 6 edge as I tipped forward as I shot! Flat ground and I could have taken it one handed! The longer stander was pulled high, but only 10mm!
The very windy 8 target section behind the stats van I loved, despite missing 4. It was proper wind with anything from 25 to 125 mm outside edge of kill to hit the various targets. Missing was ok here as you knew other would be too. I made a bad shot on the shorter kneeler knowingly not giving enough wind but still letting it go! Did the same once back in the more sheltered wood. I think having removed some filling today (Tuesday) the problem with my three kneeling “misses” was thinking too much about other things such as the roll being slightly over filled.
However, 7 down soon started to play on my “Letting him down mode” and when it became 10 down I did something I have not done for some time. All Desire was abandoned and I simply gave in, not caring if I hit a target or not. Finishing on 22 ex 40 with not a care in the world! Least not till I worked out my percentage!
To say the least, I was not impressed with things on Saturday and Nefta Classic was well and truly ticked off the bucket list. That however was just down to a bit of bad luck and attitude I thought I had got rid of?
We stayed until presentation so I could do some photos of the winners. Well done to all especially El Capitano and Connor, but I really did think Woody would take the shoot off, should have used Rev!

Back on Form ?

Always on Form

Nefta Hero (one of Many)

Having not won anything in the raffle and deciding my life was not worth risking the Vulture scrum for a Mug, despite my liking for tea we said our good buys and slowly started leaving, only to be stopped by Nefta chairman Dave Roberts. “Ave E got Mugs for Yee self” he said, or similar.
No we said and thanked him for what was a great weekend in terms of organisation, courses and everything else bar my shooting.
With that, Big Dave shot off, yes really and made it out of the Silly hut as we approached carrying two Nefta mugs, insisting we took them.

If nothing else, acts like that make this an event not to be missed!

So I will finish with the usual thanks to all involved, I know what it takes and this is a huge team effort second to none.
Not only am I booking for 2017, but Woody has said he will partner me again, he must be using me as inspiration to improve himself !! .
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