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Hi Lee,

Your only one more post of seeing the sales section i believe? Think you have to contribute 5 post's first in order to see the sales section to stop random members joining and abusing the section....

Anyway as for the Nikko i found the Mk1 to snap in and out of focus better than the 2 or 3 again IMO but i just may have been lucky, i know when i had other shooters look through my MK1 they were surprised how sharp it was. The thing i found with middle of the range scopes is the quality could and does vary, some people my self included had very good results with Nikko's and T50's where as others didn't click. As above 2nd hand kit is a great way to grab a bargain and try things out, if it doesn't go as planned or you don't get on with it you can normally get your money back. Nikko's are a great scope i always went for Mil Dot as apposed to Nato but thats down to personal preference as you will be using the top turret to dial everything in any way.

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