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Originally Posted by ltat View Post
I'm beginner to ft just wanted some advice.
I've been looking at a used if i can find one or a new big nikko or falcon t50 or pay more for a used leupold comp 40.
but i'm not sure about the fixed 40 mag being more difficult to use.
thank you
As others have mentioned, best way to not make expensive mistakes is to go along to a local Club, chat to people about their kit, have a try and then decide what you prefer.

Be prepared to spend as much if not more for a scope than for a rifle. Secondhand kit is always a good way in especially if it's a scope/rifle together.

Buying cheap just means you have to buy twice, spend the money on the optics as the most accurate rifle in the World won't help you if you're pointing in the wrong place due to a cheap scope.
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