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Thank you, that certainly sounds and looks like it could be a very useful tool.
When I have some spare cash I will purchase that.

I'm not overly bothered about skirt size tbh. I will be making something to flare pellet skirts slightly.
I find many pellets fall out of my Steyrs breach, I have to thumb hard for them to stay put. Once flared ever so slightly the breach will size them perfectly every time, in theory!

Many moons ago we used to lightly rub the skirt base on the tin lid. I guess I could do that again but all it does is create a slight burr I suppose. It'll be a ball bearing of the correct size glued onto a shaft of some type. For the pellet holder I'll probably taper reamer a block of ally. Or I may make a split mold using miliput, the clingfilm I'll use to keep both halves seperate during the setting time, once removed will allow just a fraction for the flare.
Not sure yet, still thinking on it.

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