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Originally Posted by Norfolkngood View Post
I've just bought a Pelletgage from Intershoot and was surprised at my results. The Pelletgage is a plate with 10 holes in it varying from 4.46mm to 4.55mm in .01mm increments. You drop your pellets in the holes until you find a hole where it will not go through. If it doesn't go through the 4.5mm hole but goes through the 4.51 then it is a 4.51mm diameter pellet. Obviously there is some leeway, if you really wanted to you could force the pellet through the 4.5mm hole but the method is relatively easy and not too time consuming.
I have just measured about 100 JSB express 4.52 pellets and the results are interesting. I found no pellets at 4.52mm, 3@4.51, 6@4.5, 40@4.49, 40@4.48, 10@ 4.47.
I did some testing from a bench at 50 yards indoors with my Weihrauch 100 but cannot say conclusively at this early stage whether there is a quantum leap in accuracy by sorting head sizes, I guess if I shot some 4.51's next to some 4.47's I may see a large group appear. Shooting unsorted straight from the tin I tend to get say 3 pellets in a small cloverleaf and maybe one or two outside this small group annoyingly opening it up to about 20mm c-c. The good groups are about 10mm c-c.
I really need to have a good test session and sort through the latest batch of exacts which seem to shoot well in my gun so need to make time for that.
That is interesting, you have just confirmed the findings of others.

In the short time I've owned this Steyr I'm experiencing exactly what you describe. A lovely group then 2 or 3 will be outside that group. Now as I've said before I'm shooting outside so can't say in all honesty that it's not wind, even though my senses tell me otherwise.
I'm interested in this pellet gauge you bought from Intershoot. I may purchase one of those, collate the results and post them. I'll do this with several makers labels including these match grade target pellets I have.

One thing I must question though. I thought skirt diameter was supposed to be greater then head diameter?
So, do they drop through all the way or stop on the skirt?
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