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Hi Richard

Welcome to the board.

I'm going to presume you are using 0.177 and something like an Exact so muzzle velocity set at @ 780fps. PA was @ 25 yards. Mag was somewhere between 8 and 9x. Remember you have to check it all for your scope. Don't take any notice of what the mag says on scopes. It's mainly all wrong.

Most people will look at you as if you are mental because you aren't using a multi ret style scope. You really don't need millions of aim marks on your scope. The extra marks are useful if you use them to try and range by bracketing faceplates etc. It's getting tough to do that with various sized plates/kills.

I shot HFT with a HW77 and using an old Simmons 30/30 ret. I had a joint top score in springer at the Worlds one year with that set up. I've had a load of high 50's scores and spanked quite a few PCP shooters. So a 30/30 ret is quite useable.

Here's a post a put up some time ago ...

My zero was probably a bit weird ... but not really.

I was pretty good at ranging accurately by eye up to 35 yards.

I used high mounts and at @ 9x 40 yards was just going blurry and 45 quite blurred. So that gave me some rangefinding at longer distances. The kills are also bigger at longer ranges.

I wanted to make sure I got the 15mm kills. So I zero'd my scope so that if I aimed just inside the bottom of a 15mm kill at 25 yards I hit centre of that 15mm kill. This actually gave a first zero of @ 17 yards and a second zero just over 35 yards.

I could still aim bang on at 35 yards. 40 yards was just inside top of kill and 45 yards was middle of the 30/30 ret.

30 yards aim between center and bottom of kill.

At 20 yards I was aiming bang on at the 15mm kills and I could pretty much do that down to @15 yards. All 15mm kills are prone. HFT prone at 15 yards I would hope to be basically pellet on top of pellet at this distance and wind isn't really a problem. So I could aim bang on down to 15 yards and accuracy would get me inside a 15mm kill. If I was sure it was 15 and not 17 I could aim between centre and top of the 15mm kill. If unsure ( but I'd be confident of being within a yard or so at these distances ) I could aim bang on from about 22 yards down to 15 yards. I can pretty much guess 22 yards very accurately and all my rangefinding was based on that.

At 13 yards I was at top of 15mm kills. If I remember right, a 15mm kill with my scope mag meant the kill just covered center to thick bar on the 30/30 ret. I think I set my mag so that that was the case. So again the mag wasn't a set number it was just set to give that measurement. So I could tell a 15mm kill at 13 yards and know to aim top of kill.

Below this you are into 20mm kills so aim top of kill for 12 and 11. At very close ranges the holdover with the high mounts was massive so I used to aim something like bottom bar of 30/30 centre of kill at 10 yards and bottom bar of 30/30 top of kill at 9 and 8 yards.

So there wasn't really a specific zero distance. Just an aim point that got me those 25 yard 15mm kills and then knowing all the other aim points at various distances.

That was with my gun and my scope/height and my pellets.

Remember that was with high mounts, HW77k and AA Fields 8.44gr at 780fps.

HFT on modern courses is very tough with a springer. You are doing the right thing though. Just start shooting it. Go shoot as many courses as you can with what you have. You'll try other people's kit as you go along and decide what suits you.

Enjoy the people and the banter and the bacon butties. It's loads of fun.

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