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Thanks for the input guys. Just to clarify as per OP the shot in question isnt "designated off the peg" and niether is it at 8 yards

To clarify with an example(this isnt the actual measures to the target but will serve to illustrate). The target is 30 yards and 20mm kill. The firing position is on a slight incline with the target further on, in same plane.

Range trap is really trajectory trap (oops my bad)

From a butt in deck position you can see the kill clearly and about same again below it. From this position you will hit the trajectory trap just over 8 yards away. Even a junior i reckon could easily clear trap for clear shot of kill without hitting the obstacle.

The point i was making though is, my own mix up with the 6 inch up the peg line of sight thing. You cannot see the kill 6 inch up the peg line of sight through scope. I dont think this matters though, as it is not off the peg, and will be shootable by juniors, ladies, dwarfs and hobbits.... if they get the butt off the peg and in there shoulder and come a little up the peg.

Thats what the goal is anyhoo

As far as off the peg shots, never really got the 6 inch inch up the peg being able to see 50% of the kill bit. Surely to really be off the peg perhaps 50% of kill visible from 6 inch from the peg and full kill for 2ft would make more sense - but not going to argue it, the rules are the rules.

The paint thing you were spot on with Skires. Using different colours to give different illusion of distances. Our course setter had heard that one persons interpetation of the rules was that all targets on a UKAHFT compliant course should have all the same colour, ie either 30 whites or 30 yellows. We read it different ie as long as the target was either white or yellow (for instance 15 of each) we would still be compliant.

I know this kind of stuff is like pulling nose hairs. But up here we have had some 'differences of interpetation' to put it politlly on the rules, and just trying to clear some ambiguity, so come game day, we know we will have reduced the chances of mistakes or indeed folk moaning that we havent went with their view on how the rules read.

Cheers chaps
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