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I've been waiting for one of the organisers to answer.

The colour paint thing. The rule just states white or yellow with a black kill because that's what they've found works best. I can't see any real point in buying both colour paints ... unless you think using white and then yellow on different targets gives some illusion and trap.

I always thought it was more important to have a matt type paint to reduce glare. Sometimes shooting at a gloss white, or yellow, with the sun low and behind you on a Sunday morning a freshly gloss painted white full size plate can blind you through the scope.

As stated the up the peg limit of 6 inches was because some course setters of considerable height, or mental illness, would put targets so that you had to get so high up the peg to get at the kill, that, unless you were 6 feet tall, you had to levitate to remain on your elbows. Dwarves, ladies and youngsters were at a disadvantage.

The rule states 'at least 50% of the kill must be visible from 6" up the peg'. So 'visible from' must mean the line of sight. However with most rigs you could have your hand on the floor and the rifle rested on that and the line of sight will be 6" up the peg. So not really up the peg.

I always believed the up the peg and off the peg shots were to get people out of the comfort zone of hand rested on floor or hand comfortably rested on peg. That 6" line of sight up the peg surely won't achieve that?

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