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Default hmm

gotta admit when I looked closely at the OFF THE PEG definitions it confused the hell out of me , I might be wrong but an off the peg shot isn't a positional so should also be able to be taken kneeling as well
I think if you try to be too clever in some target placings you get a bit of controversy and a bit of moaning which we all don't want , different kit don't fit in different places .
I recently did a prone only shot which a lefty said he couldn't get to , to prove the issue I stuck my thumb between the peg and my ftp and took a shot both sides of the plate no probs , when the lefty took a shot he hit the wood , on closer examination he was using a doubled up matt for resting on and couldn't get the shot in
I love techy shots but in can cause all sorts of issues if you go a bit ott like I have in the past , nothing more disappointing than spending ages on one shot to encounter a bit of flack because of it
Going up the peg too far will cause issues with vertically challenged shooters

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Steyr ?, maybe , they cant all be wrong?

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