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Originally Posted by johnbam View Post
Background where this has come from - On positioning a target today, we were going for the close range trap (> 8yds) and forcing the shooter to go up the peg to take the target.
Hi John, what was the kill size of this close target?

'Off the peg' shots - require the kill size to be 35mm minimum, also for safety due to possible ricochets, no obstructions are allowed within 8 yards of the muzzle.

The 6" up the peg rule is so we don't make the shooting position too difficult for juniors, if you ever witness a youngster attempting to achieve height up the peg to clear an obstruction you'll realise why. I have had to alter targets during course vetting due to exactly that reason.
Try not to force the shooter into too much of an uncomfortable position, you'll get zero positive feedback for it and more likely to receive complaints.

Target Colour - For what its worth, for a UK national, I would always use the same colour targets for the whole course, but for a local shoot its doesn't really matter, you will find shooters who prefer white and some prefer yellow. At the HFT worlds, they have used all white on one course, and all yellow on the other

Personally, for a local shoot, I often use a mix, I've even got some white targets with the top half painted yellow

I probably don't answer your questions definitively, but might give you some idea

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