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Originally Posted by martin blue eyes View Post
as well as range finding being the black art for newbie's like me what is the best scope hight for HFT high mounts or low mounts, thanks
It's a bit of a trade-off martin and depends on a number of factors, so that's not an easy answer.

Stock fit is important in HFT, especially your head position and since your head position is directly affected by your scope height you want to find a comfortable height for prone/kneeling/standing.

You also have rifle specific factors to think about, some guns need a bit of extra space for the loading port / barrel / action etc.

Generally the lower you can comfortably go the better, low mounts will make the close shots a bit easier since there won't be such big differences in holdover for the close ranges, but the flip side of that is that the longer shots will be slightly more difficult.

High mounts are usually a bad idea, mediums or low's if you can get a comfortable head position.
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