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Originally Posted by cocksure View Post
A clever shooter would have shot the log kneeling first shot, then prone down the gap on the left side for the long-un'. This of course is why I did not. Thanks for putting Me and She on inters, I should think once the Ponte' lot become aware they will sign up en-masse, hey MUFTY kicked N.E.F.T.A's *** at if we can't win this one with skill we'll just use strength of character, failing that we'll use weight of numbers, and as a last resort maybe a big fight in the car park. My plan is you guys do the shooting, and I'll distract them with good looks and sexy wolf whistles for the boys!!!(from myself) Also that fella Dan Smith? 57 on his first regular HFT shoot and he's Emley..if you're reading this Dan please sign up for inters on the relevant 'Breeze page, I'm sure you'll be welcomed with open arms mate, you are a feckin good shooter....probably Also please put Dave Gallagher on if you can, I could do it but I'd only mess it up. And you know this!!
Had a great morning and learned a lot, thanks Dean and Julie

It was my actually my second regular shoot and I went round with my parallax set at 30yds because I forgot to turn it down after coming off the plinking range!! I did a fair bit of aiming at the blurry bit in the middle.

Also what are the Inters, and where can I get a left handed steyr for about 300??


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