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Default Time for a Good HFT Scope

I have finally decided that it's time for a decent HFT scope on my Steyr LG110 HP.

At the moment I got a Hawke Airmax 6-18x44 which I turn mag down to x10. Not such a bad scope but DOF is a little crappy. From 7-11yrds its just a blur and practaically a 50-50 chance of knocking down the target! From 12-15 yrds, it gets a little better but still too blury to easily knock down the target.

Time to invest in a decent second hand HFT scope with good DOF. I have shortlisted 4 scopes but have never looked through any one of them as none of the shooters over here own one. Most of the guys over here use the same big FT scopes they use for FT, hence the low scores we get over here When we get high scores it's because we put the targets further than 15yrds! One of the guys who will be shooting at Kelmarsh has just bought a Bushnell Elite, forgot which model it is. Looked through it and got excellent clarity and DOF but very, very expensive. Don't fancy spending so much on an HFT scope. Another shooter just bought an EB Sniper but have not had the chance to look through it but told me it's got very good DOF and read lots of good things about it on this and other forums. Many top HFT shooters in the UK use this scope so it must be good. So this is my HFT scope shortlist :

1) EB Sniper 10x42
2) Falcon Manace 10x42
3) Bushnell Elite 3200 10x40
4) Nikko Sniper 10x42

The EB is top on the list. They all more or less cost the same second hand but have no idea on the DOF of the other 3 HFT scope contenders!

Any help in guiding me would be greatly appreciated.

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