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Originally Posted by fireblade2 View Post
Its in there amongst all the twaddle and rhetoric.
It isn't Dave - crazy as it seems but it most certainly isn't in the Firearms Act.

Think about it for a second - what you said earlier that if you chop off the rear of a rifle leaving just the pistol grip - that would become a 'pistol'. That would make all Steyr Connect's Pistols wouldn't it?

It doesn't, because it's not in the law. Just as the definition of what a pistol is, isn't in the law.

To be prudent, it would probably be a good idea to stick to the 30/60 rule - although it doesn't apply to air weapons, it is at least a loose definition of what's accepted to be a 'Pistol', so would make a reasonable argument in court.

And that's the situation, you would have to present a reasonable argument in court since it would come down to the decision of a judge.

If you made something that obviously looked like what most reasonable people would call a "rifle" then the CPS would have a very difficult time convincing a judge that it was a pistol.

There's risk involved of course, and Rob's right - it's probably not worth the risk of a judge ruling against you in court.

Interesting though..
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