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Originally Posted by Brian.Samson View Post
Yup, Dave/Paula - I'm no stranger to the Firearms Act 1968 and all of it's subsequent amendments - I can't find anywhere in it that actually backs up what you're saying though. Where does your information come from?

There's no definition of a Pistol in the Act (that I can find) - in 1997 the 12"/24" definition was added but airguns are specifically excluded from that. Is there perhaps some case history that defines what a Pistol is anywhere?

Daft as it sounds a similar thing happened with the Highways Act. As crazy as it sounds, the Highways Act doesn't actually define what a Highway is! In law you have to rely on case history for a definition.

I haven't been able to find any case history that would give a definition of an Air Pistol though and there's no history on whether you're allowed to convert a pistol to a rifle and up the power.

I think what Adam said earlier is about right - no one knows the answer, but it's probably not worth the risk of becoming the first test case that sets the precedent.
I 'think' it's one of those areas of muddy grey in airgun law that's probably not with the effort. Same as putting a rifle on and off ticket, my FEOs view being sensible and contradictory to that of someone in a shooting organisation. But further discussions revealed that the FEO didn't really have expert knowledge of the mechanics of an air rifle either.
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