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Originally Posted by fireblade View Post
Hi bri,
Please dont convert a pistol to a small rifle and 'up the power over 6ftlb', a pistol is and always will be classed as a pistol, no matter what you do to it, but if you take it over the 6ftlb, it will become classed as an illegal firearm.
You could however SHORTEN an air rifle as long as you dont remove the stock to a pistol grip, that could then make it an over powered pistol /concealable firearm.

All very muddy and messy waters to wade through.

Ps all our legally held airguns are classed as unlicensed firearms, and as such, all and every firearm legislation applies to them, not just the airgun law section.
Yup, Dave/Paula - I'm no stranger to the Firearms Act 1968 and all of it's subsequent amendments - I can't find anywhere in it that actually backs up what you're saying though. Where does your information come from?

There's no definition of a Pistol in the Act (that I can find) - in 1997 the 12"/24" definition was added but airguns are specifically excluded from that. Is there perhaps some case history that defines what a Pistol is anywhere?

Daft as it sounds a similar thing happened with the Highways Act. As crazy as it sounds, the Highways Act doesn't actually define what a Highway is! In law you have to rely on case history for a definition.

I haven't been able to find any case history that would give a definition of an Air Pistol though and there's no history on whether you're allowed to convert a pistol to a rifle and up the power.

I think what Adam said earlier is about right - no one knows the answer, but it's probably not worth the risk of becoming the first test case that sets the precedent.
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