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Default Legal definition of an Air Pistol

Where can you find it? - Air Pistols are mentioned several times in the Firearms Act 1968, but I'm struggling to find the definition of what one is?

Reason I'm asking is that I'd like to take the action of a Pistol and convert it to a rifle running at around 9 fpe as a very light weight target gun for small framed juniors. We're getting quite a lot of very young shooters coming into the range and they struggle with a full length rifle.

I've heard many times before that this is apparently against the law to do, but... what law is it against, I can't find it?.

I guess if the overall length is greater than 60cm and the barrel is longer than 30cm then as far as I can tell it meets the definition of a rifle. (Even though you can actually buy 'rifles' today that don't comply with that definition).

The S200 was originally developed as a pistol apparently?
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