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Ah, further reading has enlightened me, at least I think it has.

On don't want to get this debate going all over again, I'm sure it's been done to death. Regarding pellet head size all is not as it appears, that is, may be not as it appears!

It seams that dies, batches, time of day, whether a mouse farts in China or a butterfly beats it's wings on a telegraph pole in the Rhondda Valley can have an effect on head size. 4.52 being smaller than 4.51 if from die 1 million and twenty two and packed by a guy who's had three wheetabix for breakfast.
If it's all true, what a bloody con job / psych job.

I really hate this sort of stuff. I studied psychology for a good while for no other reason that I'm interested in how the the mind works. Not because I wanted to teach it, not because I could counsel my mates or to give myself any advantage in life but litteraly because it interests me.
One thing it has done is turn me into a "non conformist", mostly. We all have to conform to a degree to live in modern society but I personally hate the thought that I'm being manipulated. I will not walk around a Superstore the way they would like me to.
I will always look high or low on the shelves to find what I want. There is so much psychology used in adverts, in the consumer trade, in politics in practically everything where they're trying to sell us something, either goods or themselves. It offends me personally. No doubt some psychologist could say something about that!

I remember a guy in the town where I live, on the local council. When he offered me his hand he offered it in such a way as my hand would be under his, his taking the dominant position. He had a shock, even though I'm 53 I'm still quite strong in the arm (not in the head, I know I've heard it) after taking it I turned his hand over so mine was on top, his face was a picture. The second time I saw him was in his restaurant surrounded by people. I offered my hand as he'd offered his on our first encounter, it was the fastest least enthusiastic handshake I've ever had the pleasure of, it WAS pure pleasure! Ha ha

Sorry major digression, are these pellets marked 4.51, 4.52, 4.53 etc just a con job deigned to make us believe? And it's effectively a sham? ...... What about the so called "hand selected" JSB Premium and the like? Is that another sham, another con job?
Is this still true today? ..... What I read was a thread in 2013. ..... Just ignore size and go on die number and batch?
If it is still true, how can they state a head size legally, when it is not actually the head size? ..... Same thread said most were actually .47 to .49.

If it is, as Plusnet chap says, I'm taking up "spoon whittling"

Or is that guys thread just total rubbish and he's talking through his proverbial dark star?

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