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Default 2016 John Thomas Memorial / Wafta rd 1

Congratulation to Team Air Arms shooter Chris Keyworth on winning todays John Thomas Memorial, the 10th year we have held the event @ Tondu FTC.

(Trophy being refurbished!)

Using the same but different Inters Coiurse, the predicted 12 mph wind was more like a 5ish that made reading the mixed range of targets tricky with inside edge or just out 10-15 mm for most.
Nice to see a few visitors making it back to Welsh Wales, thanks for travelling and I think most enjoyed the day and the course.

Of course as Myself and Betty were last through the wind had picked up with big gusts to at least 7 mph!
I don't think I missed the plate on T 35, I think the wind was blowing so hard it took the sound away! Ok, I came off the (HFT 10mm) plate and it went straight. Still, it cheered Betty up which was the least I could do as he had been making me smile since T4!
Enjoyed the company I must say but we are both on Gadgets list.

AA (Wafta grades)

Chris Keyworth 35 (Ex40)
Rich Beaugie 34
Gadget 33
Not Awesime 32
Gary Powel 32
Jason Harrish 31
Gareth james 30
Betty 30
Paul Maher 29
Dave Williams 28
Derk 24
Nigel Hayman 24
Chubby DNF (Could not go on with out Corbett, Not Ronnie, Craig, he of under thumb)

A grade

BDL 33
Shunter 32
Ian Phillips 29
John Parry 29
Dave Gage 28
John Johnston 27
Karl Scafolder 25
Z 25
Jacky Jacob 24
Ryan hughes 23
John mortlock 23
Dai Cooper 21

B grade

Niel McKinnon 30
Gary Widlake 27
Gary Williams 26
Anthony Jones 23
James Goouch 20
Stuart Kingshot 11

C / Ungraded

Keenan Phillips 27
Andy Higgins 24
Steve Sheldon 20
Pete Hammond 19


Chris Land 35
Tony Fouracres 34
Gwyne robinson 30
John The bank 29
Peter Jacob 29
Anette James 26
Brian Willis 26
Vince Bowen 21
Gerwyn Bendon 18
BFTA Grading Question to

Updated Bfta % by region and grade,44.0.html

[B] [SIZE="3"]Photos on BFTA Fbook page, tall and short !!
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