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Default Steyr pellet test surprise

Hi all,
I've been out pellet testing again with my new Steyr HFT Hunting today.

I have to admit I was surprised by the result.

First few outings I only went out to 40 yards and found it was grouping equally well with AA field 4.52 , JSB 4.52 and JSB Premium 4.52. Just a slight preference for AA, hard to say precisely because the wind in the woods can be a bit tricky at times.

Anyhow today the wind was light and intermittent. I checked the zero at 33 yards and same as before Premiums and AA 4.52 very little between them. I pushed the target out to 55 yards. First try was with Premiums, 2 shots touching, great, 3rd half inch right, could've been the wind, 4th in between, 5th can't remember. The group was about 14mm, not great but not too bad outdoors.

I tried the AA'S, similar story really, JSB 4.52 fractionally worse but could've been me or the wind.

Now just out of interest I tried some JSB 4.53. I'd not tried them before basically because I'd only found one thread somewhere where I guy said his liked JSB 4.53, most I'd read were using 4.52 or 4.51..

The rifle report sounded slightly different somehow and the shot went high, the POI was about half inch higher than both the Premiums, Exacts 4.52 and the AA'S. Further shots the same, stringing slightly right due to a light left to right breeze but grouping quite well.

OK then I'll clean the barrel, try the JSB Exact 4.53's and shoot in the wind lulls. BINGO ..... tightest group of the day by far, 11mm at 55y outsude. ... I'll take that!
Cleaned the barrel again and did the same with the Premiums. The result was a 15mm group lower on the target by about half inch than the 4.53.

So I shot a few over my chrono to see why such a different POI.
The Premiums were as I'd set it previously around 775 fps, AA 4.52 about the same, very little difference.
But, the JSB 4.53 were reading about 10fps higher velocity!

I can't find my scales to weigh them, the Premiums must be very close to 8.44 being selected. The AA'S must be close because POI is practically the same. I can't see the JSB 4.53 being consistently lighter but I guess it's not impossible.

The only explanation I can think of is that they just fit my barrel better ?

I've never experienced this before to this degree with equal weight pellets, especially from the same pellet just different head size.

So it's a clean barrel and JSB Exact 4.53 for me from now on, or at least until my barrel changes its mind!

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