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Originally Posted by OUTCAST View Post
JSB EXACT Diabolo 2016
any of the dies better than others tried 2070016/2/4.52 and they are all over the place at 50 yds get better after putting through a 4.52 sizer but you can feel the different size and hard ness.
Is there any of the 2016 dies any good or are they all naff
I've got that batch in the Range - they've been pretty good in most people's guns. Actually all of the 2016 batches we've had in stock have all be pretty good. If you can find any die 10, they're very good.

btw - don't know if you're aware but the vast majority of that batch have a head size of 4.51 or smaller, so putting them through a 4.52 sizer is only going to size the skirt.
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