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Originally Posted by jth71 View Post
It was a short barrel, couldn't confirm the 12.5mm dim as I no longer have it, but clearance was very close.
Just returned from valley arms and swapped the moderator I bought for a Weihrauch moderator.
Still it will not fit with the Steyr UNF adapter but at least it is much closer to fitting. It needs about 4/5mm spacer in the adapter. The Steyr one is too small for a shim of any size so they've had that back.

I'm feeling a bit better about using a much smaller spacer, 4mm vs 12mm. Much less extra tube for that pellet to pass through when it leaves the crown,, 8mm less. Contacted Best fittings and just caught them before they made the 12mm spacer
And moved a grub screw fixing hole.

Thank you, although it will not fit as is, it's certainly going to be better using the Weihrauch moderator.

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