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Bottom line with any pellet/rifle is to be brutally technical and 'suck it and see'...

As has been mentioned theoretical BC is meaningless unless you can calculate your own profile, the Snipers have such a distinctive shape that they will not fit the standard GA profile and give an accurate trajectory.
When I get chance I will try to gather some more scientific data on a range and work out if the 0.0290 BC holds true in the real World.

That said I have been using the Sniper mediums in my 9003 for some weeks and they are consistent and 'appear' to need less wind than comparable pellets. I did a 40yd indoor test and they were by far the most accurate out of my rifle at that range, so not necessarily the most accurate at 55yds.

I have 12 tins of mediums, mostly liberated from Holly's grasp because he thought they were trash. Now that he realises they're pretty good he went an cleared BAR out of their remaining stock.

The only problem I have found with them is the fragility of the skirts, which dent easily, but I've also found that if not too bad the initial blast of air reforms the skirt on firing.
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