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Cheers Simon

I'm not sure I know what comment of mine that was aimed at.

I've certainly seen things going on at the range that don't make sense on CG.

I've seen batches of AA go through a springer that seem to fly way flatter between 35 ( Z ) and 55 yards than CG suggests.

I've definitely got a BSA barrel ( old full length S10 ) that shoots Baracudas at 700fps that go straight as a die in the same wind that drifts AA/JSB at 780fps out of a 40mm kill. I don't know if that's because of the twist rate and release of that pellet at that velocity, or the extra weight of the pellet, but it happens.

So there's certainly things going on regarding the pellet being released stable etc.

I think most of all this 'doesn't drift in the wind' business is caused by much simpler things.

Offset/poorly set mounts/scopes, canting, offset zero, PA ... or just inconsistent shot release.

You also get low winds that come at you from basically behind, but they are snaking a bit as they arrive at you and as they go down the target line. So you can aim the same place and get pellets hitting at various horizontal POI. Some people think that rifle isn't taking wind, if they've seen a pellet hit where they aimed at when they'd hoped it would drift a little, because when they threw up some grass it showed a left to right.

We've all shot a round with the guy who knocks down the full range target in a 15mph crosswind and you congratulate him and then ask how much he had to give that, and you get the reply ... " Straight at it mate ... don't need give any wind with this rifle ". Chances are he's snatched it several inches into the wind and the wind has brought it back in for him. He ends up scoring 42/60. Ok ... another one in the 'loony' box for you to ignore.

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