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Originally Posted by beebop2000 View Post
I cannot stop thinking about a couple of targets I plated at Lea Valley on Sat.

First was (I think) target number 25 or 26, a 35 to 40 yarder downhill (farthest from the catering/registration hut). With a wind coming into the wood and seemingly moving R to L, and with a fairly big kill zone, aiming at edge or just out from the edge (~10mm) should have a taken it down? Anyone remember or are willing to say where they aimed to knock it down? Was the wind high enough to push it completely across the kill zone?

Second was the high ~40 yarder in the tree. Again, with a wind coming into the wood, I could understand the cluster of pellet marks to left of the kill, but these were also an inch low? Anyone knock it down (everyone seemed to be plating it around me) and willing to say where they aimed to knock it down?

First one dead on no wind,second right edge after a lull in wind. Bit suprised at difference between them but as you said a big kill, and you pays your money and takes the shot,.
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