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I think a lot of people are now a little bit wiser about Steyr prices, as it is easier to bring them in from Europe with a big saving on UK Steyr prices.

I know of a 2016 HFT model bought new this year for 1400, and I think the FT models are only about 300 more from what I can see on the internet.

Personally after Chris C servicing mine and a complete strip down myself since they are surprisingly easy to work on if you are competent enough, so I wouldnt be worried where it was bought or if it had any warranty over here in the UK. Nothing against the UK importer but that's the benefit of the EU for you.
Wish my Steyr would one hole at 50 yards as well.

Having said that I paid 900 last year for a 2007 HP LG 110, so the good news is once they have lost their initial new value they will hold a good price indefinitely.
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