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Not so much a case of liking the gun, (although I kinda do), as having no real choice. 2k spent, faulty so not saleable/useable, and unable/unwilling to buy something else. It was mend it or..................

To give the British arm some wiggle room, everything is now, apparently, dictated by the Italian parent company.

Imagine the frustration? Tow the line, tell customers what we tell you to, or else! There was still no real need for sarcasm and arrogance though, and it was certainly a surprise when it came from senior members of the company.

From a marketing and sales viewpoint, I can kinda see what's happened. The (now Italian) design and manufacture (yes folks, they only assemble them in the UK) coupled with premium price, appeals to those who have expendable income, (Americans). So customers end up with swishly designed eye candy with ever more complex electronic control systems (there are no UK dealerships who can adjust power on any of the newest models that use the MAP electronics), and in the main, buyers are very happy. There's no room though, for 'specialised' needs or requirements.

So, a bit like Italian cars, very pretty, very expensive and a 'return to manufacturer' policy for servicing, maintenance and repair policy (at 67 quid an hour labour!).

Air gunning gone corporate

A harsh lesson learned but I temper the frustration by looking around me at FT shoots at other folks guns, and compared to some, mine was still cheap!

I WILL SAY AGAIN THOUGH for absolute clarity, this post isn't about Daystate air rifles, THEY ARE VERY VERY GOOD It's more about my pretty neat Pulsar, what i've done to it, and yes ok, a little bit about the UK arm not having the skills, freedom, will, interest or whatever else to do anything about the odd problem that might crop up.

Daystate future buyers are best using the clout of their individual supplying dealerships in the event of difficulties arising with their rifles. I didn't and I should have.
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