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As i'm sure is the case with many others it's my lad's fault .A couple of years ago my wife and i decided that at some stage all teenagers are going to get their hands on an air gun of some description,so we got him a B2 for his birthday mainly to teach him the basics of gun handling, safety etc.He took to it like a duck to water so that Christmas santa bought him a nice new Weihrauch 99s combo,from there we joined Pontefract Air Rifle club and before long i got bored just watching my lad so i got myself a gun and here we are .The thrill of seeing your son get his first badge /award at a competition after trying week in and week out and practising his heart out really does takes some beating.Along with meeting some of the friendliest most helpful people you could ever wish to meet anywhere,the banter and crack with the lads ,the trying to beat your last score ,the anticipation of the next competition , the bacon butties on an autumnul Sunday morning with the first frosts starting to come ,and the just being out in the country with my boy ,these are the things that keep us coming back.So to all the club Secretarys,commitees and guys who organise this sport and its associated events for us THANK YOU.
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