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Question Leup Comp 40 what's your method?

Hi I've literally just started setting up my Leup on my spare rifle, I've only had an hour or so with it so far. First impressions are that the optics compared to my big Nikko are far superior and the weight saving has improved the balance of my set up massively. However I was told that the Leups don't snap in and out when range finding like the Nikko's do and at the moment that would seem to be the case.
I am using quite a small ajp side wheel as I can see that any bigger and the gaps between ranges would be ridiculous, my problem is that after say 40 yards I can't find the range of a target with any consistency at the moment. I do appreciate its early days and that you really have to learn to use these scopes but. I was just wondering what methods other users use?
I have a mate who is deadly with an almost identical set up as me and he uses the rock it back and forward method which is what I have been trying so far. Another guy has suggested to just turn the wheel from near to far and not rock back and forwards. My question is what works for you on your Leup Comp?
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