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Originally Posted by rickysdaystate View Post
Has anyone tried one of these scopes? Thinking of swapping my lightstream for one
Hi Ricky, very , very good scopes and the HFT ret is awesome. I bought one from a mate and got the Fixed mag sightron at the same time to try and switch away from my trusty MTC Viper. Loved the Viper but crappy, aging eyesight has made me feel the need for better optics. In the end i settled on the Sightron as it seemed to suit my eyesight and the way i like to have a HFT scope set up. In the holy Grail of HFT scopes i would put (for me) the Delta at a 8/10 and the sightron 8.5/10, bearing in mind that i consider the 2k march a 9/10 and the small leup (2.5-8 TMR) a 7/10.

The Delta optics are excellent for the price with DOF and FOV comparable to a good fixed mag 10/42 scope. The build quality is spot on and the covered turrets a bonus preventing accidental movement. It is quite a long scope (with sunshade) so might not suit a springer with a side loading port (TX200). The only real negative seems to be that the elevation turret seems to be at the very top end of it's travel when mounted but this might be ok with different mounts/positioning.
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