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Default Strange Weihrauch

Hi Guys,

I have recently brought a HW100 s from a guy who barely used it. When i brought it back home and filled it up for the first time (it is the non-quick fill variant) and screw it back onto the gun, it made a fairly heavy leaking sound. This carried on until it was about half empty through the green spectrum, then the leaking sound stopped. I have replaced the smallest o-ring at the main joining section of the gun to the air-tank. I also unscrewed that bit (i dont really know what to call it, its the bit that the small o-ring attaches to which is unscrewed with a 10mm bolt head). When i unscrewed that, there was only one o-ring in there, which was attached to the bit mentioned above within a little divot at the end. Should there be any other o-rings here? What other seals will there be which could be causing this type of leak?
One more side-note, the gun does also slowly leak after the main heavy leaking, id say 2 small bars worth (on the gauge) a day?

Furthermore, does anyone know whether the Quick fill and non Quick fill air cylinder screw in points are the same?

I hope this makes sense, and i do apologise for my lack of knowledge in regards to the part names.

Kind regards,
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