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Originally Posted by poison dwarf View Post
A nice you tube video showing the movement with feeler gauge etc would have been a nice slap in the face to Daystate after the way they treated you.
We did actually use a feeler gauge in establishing the fault, but it wasn't filmed. Maybe I should've filmed it for general publication, for certain, no one from Daystate would've watched it had I presented it to them as evidence. I was actually asked to take the rifle to Daystate's stand at the shooting show, they could've looked at it then as someone had promised, they could've offered to take it back to the factory then. They didn't do either!

This post isn't necessarily about slapping Daystate around, but more about showing off my handywork . So, enough from me about Daystate. They're (apart from my Pulsar Oro 'FT') history to me. I've blown the two years of warranty left on it now in any event, for whatever that might have been worth.

This particular rifle and it's troubles, rapidly became very widely known about throughout the SEFTA region, and now nationally. It's probably worthless secondhand, which is why I decided to modify it myself and modify it beyond any 'return to standard' principle I might have desired. I was asked if I'd modify another Pulsar in the same way, which suffered the same problem. That was very flattering but I declined , I couldn't take responsibility for someone else's very expensive rifle.

I'm very happy that those who've posted like the rifle. It does look a bit smart, it's very different and I know for sure, there's nothing else like it in existence.......yet. Thanks to everyone for your positive comments. Someone said in this thread that there aren't many unmodified rifles on the circuit and that's very true. Another has pointed out that not all is lost if others develop a similar problem and I'm happy to have contributed something if that happens.

Now one has been completed and proved to function properly (the barrel presented itself as problematic after the shroud removal as it was unsupported and a very small diameter, hence the sleeve), I'd be happy to described the process for anyone embarking on similar. The cost of the entire thing, including the butt hook and the fore end riser totals close to 400 quid. There are also alternative ways of doing the job which retain the shroud (and therefore the silencer) which I noted along the way, but I had a bee in my bonnet and went at it full bore....................

Cheers everyone, and again, my thanks for the positive comments. My project Pulsar is validated :-)

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