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Default My experience with daysatate costumer service

Hi mates

Barry i know what you mean when
Originally Posted by Barry View Post
Of course there was communication with Daystate, even a meeting with one of their very senior managers was arranged at the shooting show. I'll not bore everyone with how that all went except to say that daystate's after care was non existent. In fact, during some 'e' mail correspondence I felt that one particular individual was enjoying 'winding' me up with his thinly veiled sarcasm. If you can be ars*d, there's some remarkably arrogant, somewhat surprising and more than patronising remarks in this thread on Airgun Nation from the big man himself

End of September had a problem with my daystate panther.

I was always concerned with this being an electronic operated gun… mixing batteries, circuit boards with dust, fog, rain, heat, etc, etc with the normal conditions of a competition environment it’s something very uncomfortable for me but after all, the reviews, the opinions leads you to think in the other way, like something you don’t need to worry about, especially when you hear that the rifle it´s supposal to be “water proof” just to “evaporate the thinking “water with electricity…”.

After 2 years with the gun and the first time I submitted it to an rainy day it dies. It was a normal rainy competition day, about 3 hours shooting with rayn, wasn’t like a storm or nothing like it.
The gun didn’t die right away just in the next day. When came home dismantle all the parts to clean and dry what was possible and leave it that way during the night. When finish the cleaning I tested the gun and it was working. Next day it was dead. Turned the power button and nothing.

Send the gun to the dealer to repair under the buyer protection. First he thought it was a problem of battery but after testing another batteries he confirmed that the gun had a severe problem and because he dint know how to fix it he’s going to send it to daystate. He warn me it could take a several weeks because daystate support costumer service it´s really bad and they don´t care with the “after sales”. They do what they want whenever they want despite everything else. I thought maybe he was exaggerating a little, but at the same time I remembered a similar case of a Spanish shooter who bought a circuit board to replace a broken one and waited almost a full year for it.

Since the beginning of October till middle of February, after innumerous emails and calls to the dealer asking about the status of reparation i didn’t know what the hell was the problem and why it took so long time to fix it. For me and after all the description I gave I was certain it was water who enter between the action and the stock to the circuit board. There´s nothing protecting the circuits than the wood of the stock. So in the worst case “just” needed to replace the circuit board for another. Perhaps the dealer warning was right. But i couldn’t believe that a brand like daystate treat the after sales market so careless.

Every time I wask the dealer he replies with nothing because daystate also didn’t said nothing to him. Every time i insisted with him to press daystate to at least give information. Was 4 months of pain. I even sent emails direct to daystate support to try know something about but they didn’t answer me too. I still

Finally at the end of February I received the gun! So i asked why it take so long and what the parts where damage and repaired. The dealer couldn’t answer that.. he doesn’t knew… Ask him the contact daystate again to at least know what was the problem… No answer till today.

At the end, this could be the more advanced airgun in the entire universe, even if it cost a third of the value I never, but never gone buy another daystate. Doesn’t matter what. Just because the costumer service, or the absence of it.
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