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Hii bootneckbob, I have seen those and gathered they fit, thanks for the confirmation.
I have done a quick Google and got no hits for here in the UK.
If you know of a UK supplier I'd appreciate a link.

Hi JonH, that's looking good, when it's developed it could be on my list.

Is it at all possible to make moderator to slip over the top of a stripper? I realise the stripper would not be able to vent but neither do the ones that used to be made by UKNeil. It was a cone installed within the first chamber of a moderator. My rifle was accurate with it fitted. Mind you It did vent forwards though thinking about it.

It would be great to be able to leave it fitted / tuned and to be able to slip a moderator over the top. POI shift could be learnt and just dialled in.
Not easy though with the room you have to play with I guess.

If I had a work shop I'd have a crack at it, pondered it for a good while, no access to a lathe now though.
If the adjustable cone was threaded and designed to protrude a reflex type mod would be feasible. Thin walled tube could be used and sleeved onto an inset o'ring on the flat portion of the stripper.

I guess folks are going to say, use a 1/2" UNF adapter and just swap em over! ...... Yeah ok true, I just love designing and making things.

Hi ratinator.
I had a moderator that was offset. I think it was designed by JB for use on a Titan PCP which I owned.
I wasn't convinced, it wasn't very quiet either. There was also one with a filling probe hole incorporated.
An odd thing.

I certainly need a good adapter and moderator, the muzzle crack ain't half echoing around my local woods.
I could be mistaken for a poacher with a 22lr after the deer!

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