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Default Pulsar- Woe's to happiness

I've decided on the 'target' section for this posting, as it relates to what is now a target rifle.

I wanted a Daystate Pulsar when they first came to the market. I had an idea one could be used for both rabbit shooting, and field target, my hobby. So I ordered a limited edition 'Oro', knowing that some additions and modifications would be inevitable. I own number 0059.

I set about making the modifications and achieved some success with them (the first pictures in my albums). All the mods were able to be reversed in about half an hour and the rifle could be returned to standard, unmarked and with no damage or 'extra' holes. Thereby retaining it's resale value as a 'limited edition' rifle.

Towards the end of last year, strange things started to happen. The POI was shifting unpredictably! This cost me a withdrawal from a winter league shoot at Wendover, a qualifying score for the SEFTA showdown at a winter league shoot at ETL, Tilbury, when, on the eighth to last target, I missed the plate on a 25 yard target! It took me the rest of the course, our own clubs winter league event and some expensive scope testing, to figure out what was going on. I must thank Barry McGraw in particular along with Steve Carter and half a dozen others, who really established what the problem was.

Let me be clear about this before I describe what happened, they don''t all do what I'm about to describe! I know of only three others that have had this problem.

Where the scope rail mounts to the barrel collar (the gold part on the Oro), it's held in place with three bolts. The rail on mine was actually sliding, around the axis of the collar by the clearance of the bolt holes in the scope rail, just 4 thousandths of an inch, but enough to shift POI by half an inch at 10 yards.

Of course there was communication with Daystate, even a meeting with one of their very senior managers was arranged at the shooting show. I'll not bore everyone with how that all went except to say that daystate's after care was non existent. In fact, during some 'e' mail correspondence I felt that one particular individual was enjoying 'winding' me up with his thinly veiled sarcasm. If you can be ars*d, there's some remarkably arrogant, somewhat surprising and more than patronising remarks in this thread on Airgun Nation from the big man himself............

So, 2k worth of inefective, unsaleable rifle and nothing offered that would solve the problem from the manufacturer. They wouldn't even take it back and refund the cost! So I mended it....

The outfit is now capable of one hole grouping at 50 yards, the rail is fixed to the action where rails should be fitted and is, an immoveable object and I don't shoot rabbits anymore

As to Daystate..........Well, I have a good one now, but i'll never buy another, I mean never!. After spending that much money with any supplier, an expectation of being listened to, taken seriously, being believed even, or being treated with a little more respect shouldn't be a big ask, should it?

If any of you do ever have problems with your Daystate, use the dealership to resolve the issue. The Airgun Centre at Rayleigh, where I bought the rifle were absolutley brilliant and have a lot of clout.
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